Tesla: Ridesharing on a Tesla Model 3

Rideshare with a Tesla model 3
Rideshare with a Tesla model 3

So to familiarize myself with the Tesla model 3 intricacies and nuances I decided to drive for Uber with the new Tesla Model 3 and here is the hilarity that ensues.

The exterior door handles   – I ended up having to open the door for everyone as nooone could figure out how to open the car from the outside. On several occassions passengers have simply stared at the car door

Tesla model 3 interior door handes

Like the outside doors, I have had to open the inside doors for everyone. Even if you point it out, most passengers have trouble finding the inside door release and instinctively grab the emergency release

Tesla is a recognizable brand, and as such people are very impressed when you pick them up in a Tesla. I have noticed a lot of passengers are a lot more courteous and polite because they get to ride on a luxury vehicle for a regular rideshare link

model 3 screen

Not one passenger has failed to notice the enourmous touchscreen floating above a minimalistic dashboard

Tesla’s autonomous driving is a godsend for Los Angeles traffic. I have particularly loved the auto-follow as I still haven’t developed faith in the stay in lane 

Conclusion: Amazing

The Tesla Model 3 is absolutely perfect for rideshare driving if you don’t mind driving around in a $70k car. It will be more practical when Tesla releases the $35k base model and I can easily see it becoming the new standard.

Contact me if you are looking for a rideshare driver and I can arrange to be in your area prior to  your ride request if I am available

Tesla Model 3 – Tutorials

Basics - Door Handles

credit: Check out the original video from Now You Know on youtube

Basics - Gear Selection

Basics - Charging Port

Adjustment - Side Mirror

credit: Check out the original video from Now You Know on youtube

Adjustment - Steering Wheel

credit: Check out the original video from Now You Know on youtube

Feature - Enhanced Autopilot

Feature - Autoparking

credit: Check out the original video from Now You Know on youtube

Features - Charging options

credit: Check out the original video from Now You Know on youtube

Tesla Model 3 First Impressions

Brand new Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

So I picked up the Model 3 Tesla today after the long pre-order wait and here are my first impressions of it.


  • The lower end torque is very consistent from standstill and while you are driving.
  • Acceleration is at a steady pace
  • Handling is nice and tight at sportmode
  • The dashboard is clean and minimalistic
  • Good visibility all around
  • The panoramic roof makes the care feel spacious
  • the AC from the dash cools evenly, the rear vents are very functional
  • the driver profiles are wonderful for multiple drivers
  •  The google maps based navigation is responsive, crisp, and clear
  • All the current features on the tablet console are easy to use and straightforward, there is a small learning curve customizing and programming everything
  • There is tons of storage space


  • Turning radius isn’t anywhere close to my daily driver BMW Z4
  • The door handles confuse everyone when they first encounter it
  • The manual door release you aren’t supposed to use regularly are more intuitive than the thumb door release on the handle
  • The door handle, door edge, and windows end up getting filled with fingerprints when people close your door
  • The tablet  in the middle can get distracting
  • The upholstery on the seats seem easily scratched. I don’t think I can load my bulldogs on here without them ripping it
  • The center console storage is easily scratched and retains dirt and finger prints
  • the rear view mirror is tiny and narrow
  • the heat from the panoramic glass can get bad in very hot days

Overall, the good trump the bad and this is an extremely fun and eye catching car. Make sure to check out my car for rent on Turo and Getaround if you want to test drive this car before you purchase one for yourself