Model 3 Customization

Decided to redo all 4x rims to Black and Red and install the rim blades

Red and Black rims

Looking good so far with a full Metallic Black Vinyl Wrap

Changed the wood trim to Carbon Fiber in the interior to complement the accent lights

Turotalk – dealing with renter damages

Turo Policy

from Turo’s policy

  • Guests are financially responsible for physical damage to the host’s vehicle if the claim is deemed eligible for coverage.*  Depending on which protection plan they’ve selected (Decline, Basic, or Premium), they can limit their out-of-pocket financial exposure. See here for a detailed description of our protection plans.
  • Turo always stands ready to be responsible to the host* for any eligible claim, and will take it upon itself to collect any appropriate amounts from guests if necessary. Guests are responsible for claims processing fees of up to $500, in addition to any appraisal fees, unless the host decides that they do not want to process a claim through our system

The issue

So the issue worth mentioning is how do you deal with damages that are under the $500 deductible through Turo and what is involved?

For prior damages like this, I have had good luck with renters willing to reimburse for damages they cause. I have a local guy that does quick rim sanding, polishing, and painting for $50-$300 with a day turnaround at most. With an ideal renter, they just reimburse me the cost without question if they admit fault.

Now you will get a renter who wants to use their credit card insurance, or proceed through the Turo claims process regardless. My take on this? My time is worth much more than the $50-300 i pay out of pocket to get my guy to fix a rim. I am not spending my time getting multiple quotes for a repair and following Turo’s repair process , as well as delisting my car for the duration of the repair. There’s no choice but to just pay up and move on with the rentals.


I ended up investing in a product called rimblades . Let’s see if this helps out my renters. To the very most, if they end up damaging a blade, they will just have to pay for replacement blades instead of having to get my rims repaired