Turotalk – Requesting to rent out a vehicle

I decided to write this post to help shed some light into what it is like renting a car from the Turo Marketplace. There are a few things to consider when comparing this to a traditional car rental fleet.

Turo Hosts are not required to rent you the vehicle

Please do not use the ” I am paying so you have to rent it to me” approach when requesting to use a vehicle. Turo vehicles are independently owned and the hosts do their best to make sure the vehicles are in good hands. We do not have fleet insurance so damages and downtime for repairs can be very costly. A host can and will deny your request if he feels you are not going to take care of the vehicle

Communicate prior to the rental

A lot of times, I will engage in a short conversation before approving a rental request. Try to take these conversations seriously. I have denied reservation requests because a renter is not responsive so I do not know what their intentions with the rental are.

Have your approved papers to drive ready

Be prepared to show you can legally drive in the state you are renting in. I normally ask that the renter if they are authorized to drive in california prior to approving the request, and to upload a copy of the driver’s license to the trip photo gallery prior to the pickup. This makes sure there are no problems on Checkout.

Add those authorized drivers

Always add those additional authorized drivers if someone else other than the primary driver will be using the car. Definitely do not show up on pickup time and immediately have a friend or family member start driving. The primary driver is responsible for the car regardless of whoever is behind the wheel

Rent a few cheaper vehicles

To collect some testimonials, rent a few affordable vehicles so hosts are assured you are a responsible driver. A lot of hosts will only rent out upper end vehicles to renters with a good history.

Don't worry about being a new renter

A lot of hosts won’t be too comfortable renting to someone with hardly any reviews, most especially if you are trying to rent an expensive vehicle. Communicate well and this will often make up for the lack of historical rentals. Give the same respect and courtesy when asking to rent a vehicle than the treatment you would expect yourself.